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Dark Horse Business Model


As China’s leading platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, Dark Horse Venture has built an ecosystem based on a unique ‘MIT’ - Media, Investment, and Training - business model. These three core business modes bond top entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial enterprises, and investors together with a full range of services such as online & offline media, PR, demo shows, an investment and training program, and more.

Since its founding, the Dark Horse Community has attracted over 3,000 Dark Horse University members, 10,000 Dark Horse Club members and 7,000 Dark Horse Contest participants.

Our Founder


WenWen Niu: Founder and President of Dark Horse Venture, Dean of Dark Horse University. Mr. Niu received his Masters degree in economics from the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CHGSB) EMBA program. In 1992, Mr. Niu joined the Economic Daily Venture and was awarded the "China News Prize" three times in two consecutive years. From 1999 to 2008, he served as the Editor-in-Chief of China Entrepreneur Magazine. Mr. Niu is currently a Professional Industry Commentator and a jury member of "Top 10 Economic Leaders" on China Central Television. Following his extensive perspective, business insights, and devotion to the entrepreneurial industry, he created ‘The Founder' magazine in 2008 – today, this has grown into Dark Horse Venture.

Dark Horse Venture. Global Hub

International Programs

We have led over 200 elite entrepreneurs from all around the world: China to Silicon Valley, Israel and Germany. Our programs include classes from top universities, star startup forums, visits to incubators, startups, and world leading technology firms, and social events.

Global Investment Services

We facilitate Chinese investments in startups and Venture capital firms in Israel and in the US. We also bring international startups into China with funding via our VC and crowdfunding platforms.

Business Platform

We provide a huge talent pool, where you can find your business partners in China and in overseas markets. Come and find investors, entrepreneurs, tech geeks and professionals in our global community.


We host events for top investors and entrepreneurs like Xu Xiaoping, Peter Thiel and Joe Lonsdale in the US, China and Israel. Want to be influential in the largest Chinese community of entrepreneurs and investors? Contact us!

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